libmgf (formerly MGFp)
libmgf is a flex/bison-based C++ Mascot Generic Format (MGF) parser library (formerly called mgfp). The library provides a straightforward and simple interface that allows easy integration into new and existing projects.
The repository includes the library code as well as a few MGF processing tools:
  • mgfvalidate -- validates a given MGF file
  • rix -- reporter ion extractor for iTRAQ4 and TMT
  • ms2preproc -- MGF preprocessing tool (see below)
If you make use of libmgf/mgfp in your own projects, please cite this article. Should you use ms2preproc in your data analysis pipeline, please cite this article.
libmgf development has been conducted at the Steen & Steen lab.
Development and Documentation
We make use of the Doxygen documentation system to provide source documentation.
The libmgf code is considered stable; it is actively maintained at the libmgf github site. If you happen to run into trouble, please do not hesitate to contact Marc or to make use of the github issue tracking system.
Download and Licensing (MIT)
libpipe is available under a MIT license that allows anyone to use, modify and distribute libmgf. Please consider contributing your improvements.